‘After Abundance’ prospects into an Alpine landscape in Austria which has been haunted by the forces of climate change. In this post-climate change future, human ingenuity and interspecies solidarity offer the key to survival. Contending with the stark realities of climate change, the installation explores how local communities face down new challenges by using craft and cunning to thrive in an altered landscape.
We enter a typical Austrian farmhouse, hearing sounds of raindrops on the roof and a radio telling a story about illegal rain. A disassembled drone trones on the dining table among other objects gesturing at everyday life in this
arid  future.
Visitors then notice a gap in a walled-off space, a pink glow, a low hum, and the clinking of glassware as a hint of something brewing behind a closed door.
With a rhythm of drums and cowbells growing louder as they draw close to the town square, beastly shadows loom on the floors and surfaces.
Along the beat of the reimagined Heische beasts, the soft hum of the local microgrid can be heard – a symbol of the communal efforts and friendships between different local towns.
Pressing on, visitors are confronted with life-sized figures who are spraying water to replenish a melting glacier. Surrounded by the sounds of howling wind and cracking ice, the tensions and struggles of future Austrians confronting climate change resonate with creative improvisation, mutual aid, and the interweaving of tradition and technology.
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