As smart cities strive to make our lives easier by utilizing technologies like Big Data, we have to re-evaluate if those technologies could be used for something of a deeper meaning than just efficiency: A set of seven little sensors, put on a mission to sense the communal feelings of Vienna’s citizens - picturing their emotional state at the beginning of summer.
The idea of smart cities is booming, hundreds of concepts strive to optimise our routes, manage the distribution of resources and make life more comfortable for citizens. Consisting of sentient beings with a tendency to act irrationally, the city of the future is a very complex organism that will reach out its antennas to sense the imperceptible activity of its population.
The dynamics of emotions in a city are very powerful, positive as well as negative feelings can infect a house, a neighbourhood, the whole city. We thought about moments where we felt that we as citizens were part of something much bigger - and came to choose the arrival of summer as a charming case study.